Freebyte Task Scheduler

Freebyte Task Scheduler 1.4.1

Automate application opening


  • Easy to use
  • No need to install


  • Lacking flexibility

Not bad

Running a computer can be a bit like running a house - there are chores, and they are easily forgotten. Luckily, chores on your desktop aren't too hard, and if you do have problems remembering to de-fragment or clean up your computer, Freebyte Task Scheduler can help.

This simple little application lets you set up a list of actions that will then be executed automatically. You set up a task by naming it, and specifying that program's location. You can make a task daily, or weekly, and set the time of execution too. You could set it to open all the programs you use regularly, or just some specific apps you need to run periodically.

Setting up tasks is very simple, as long as you know where programs are located on your hard drive. It's easy to edit tasks, and you can run any task early at the click of a button.

Unfortunately, there is no option to run this on startup, so you have to remember to open Freebyte Task Scheduler when you need it. That won't help the disorganized among us. However, it can be run from a USB, so if you have programs organized in the same directories on different computers, you could use it as a portable scheduler.

Freebyte Task Scheduler is attractive because it's easy to use and simple, but it could do with a few more options to make it indispensable

Freebyte Task Scheduler


Freebyte Task Scheduler 1.4.1

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